Anyone who uses ‘Sam erasure’ as a serious problem, and thinks it’s a thing that exists and needs to be fought against, and at the same time claims that people wanting bi!Dean being canon are ‘just in for their pairing’ and ‘not really for representation’ gets to be called an idiot and an asshole.

Because there’s a huge difference between, you know, WANTING bi representation (which is what most bi!Dean fans want) and actually TAKING AWAY bi-representation terms in order to make your fave look like a bigger woobie.

(Not only that, educate yourselves. The only reason why Queer Dean MONTH is a thing rather than Queer Dean WEEK is because some idiot Dean hater took the Queer Dean Week name, about a week before the posts about Queer Sam Week started)


Jesus Christ I’m honestly going to just stop associating with people in this fandom.

You just got the bad luck of running across one of the fandom police academy members. Don’t mind them, anything that isn’t 100% Sam/Jared positive is treated as if you were trying to murder kittens and baby seals while taping it.

Seriously, she even thinks that not mentioning Sam and Jared is somehow proof that you hate them.

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So, I leave one week and people go insane.

And first thing I see is someone appropriating the Bedchel’s test because of COURSE Sam Winchester’s lack of friends is as systematic and problematic as the fact that every single female character EVER is used only as a prop to a man’s story.


Best demon hunters ever. And Sam ;)

Best demon hunters ever. And Sam ;)

#kevinlives and is the nicest guy in #supernatural

#kevinlives and is the nicest guy in #supernatural

First Demon!dean cosplayer I see

First Demon!dean cosplayer I see

First Demon!dean cosplayer I see

First Demon!dean cosplayer I see


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Lucky me!! At #sdcc

Lucky me!! At #sdcc

Tree, House, Person, Holes


I see Andy is back to his “let’s drown people in words” tactic.

So let’s see.


You can be a bright, bubbly, optimistic extrovert who has clinical depression.

Yes - because not being bright, bubbly, optimistic or an extrovert is not symptomatic of clinical depression. Also, your clinical depression will show up in some other way.

You can be a cynical, quiet, introverted pessimist who doesn’t.

Yes - because being cynical, quiet, introverted, and pessimistic, does not mean having a mental illness.

You can be a sloppy, disorganized, laid back person who has OCD. 

Yes - because not being sloppy, disorganised or laid back is not symptomatic of OCD (though I’m not sure about the laid back part, but whatever). However, your OCD will show in some other way.

You can be a meticulous, extremely organized, high strung person who doesn’t.

Yes - because being meticulous, extremely organised and high strung does not mean having a mental illness.

You can be an articulate, easily intimate person with a popular vlog, and a customer service job who has social anxiety. 

Yes - but your social anxiety will show in other ways.

You can be a reclusive, awkward, insecure person who stays home most of the time and doesn’t.

Yes - because being a reclusive, awkward, insecure person does not mean having a mental illness.

You can be 300lbs and have anorexia.

Yes - because actual weight has nothing to do with anorexia.

You can be 96lbs and be healthy.

Yes - because some random weight number has nothing to do with determining whether one is healthy or not.

You can be autistic and love conventions.

Yes - because being unable to handle any crowd is not part of the diagnosis of autism.

You can be neurotypical and think they’re overstimulating and confusing. 

Yes - because finding crowds overstimulating and confusing is not a sign of mental illness.

I remember books I read when I was 4, verbatim, and keep a ‘verse of 100+ characters in my head.  I can’t tell you without asking someone whether I met my friend Meg in March or May of last year.

Yes - because there are many different types of memories.

I believed for years that I was being hunted by the government, but trusted total strangers easily and happily worked around all kinds of security types (it didn’t hurt that I thought I could read their minds and had precognition).

Nope - because paranoia doesn’t work like that. Good try, hiding this lie among a pile of self-evident truths, but no.

I could rattle off logical fallacies and pick apart an argument for rationality and rhetoric and then tell you, with total sincerity, that I could channel elves and Harry Potter was based on a true story.

Yes - because being delusional doesn’t affect your intellect, only what you think is true.

 Some days, I can stare at a picture of my murdered friend for hours to draw her.  Some days, I’m triggered to a full flashback by a screenshot of the movie Brave because when she smiles.

Yes - because there isn’t just one way to react to trauma, even within one single person.

People are complicated.

No kidding.

 Mental illnesses are not who we are.  They’re the holes cut in the fabric of us, and we are the fabric, not the holes.

No, fuck you. If your fabric has holes, then you ARE a piece of fabric with holes, DUH! My son IS autistic. My ex IS bipolar. My sister IS psychotic. I AM anxious. Is any of us reduced to our mental illness? Of course not! But are these mental illnesses an integral part of who we are? Absolutely. We wouldn’t be the same people without these mental illnesses.

People can have their fabric be shaped like our holes and not be broken,

Fuck you again for even implying that mentally ill people are broken.

not to mention that an entire popular psych test is based around the fact that if you tell people to draw person, house, tree, no two people will draw the same thing.  My tree-shaped hole will not look like your tree-shaped hole, but that’s ok…

Can’t comment, never heard of this test.

and unless you’re me or my doctor or closely involved in my real life, not your problem or business, no matter what the illusory and incomplete intimacy of social media makes you think.  

Fuck you a third time for saying that it’s none of my business when YOU SPREAD HARMFUL LIES ABOUT AN ILLNESS SOMEONE I LOVE ACTUALLY HAS.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not ok because your fabric is shaped like what they think a hole should look like.  

Which is not what we’ve been saying about you. We’ve been saying that your holes are incompatible with the holes which define the mental illnesses you claim to have. If having Mental Illness Tree is defined by having a tree-shaped hole, and you don’t have a tree-shaped hole, then you don’t have Mental Illness Tree, DUH!

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not ill because you are more than your holes.   

I repeat: you don’t have MI Tree if you don’t have a tree-shaped hole. End of story.

If what’s happening in your brain or heart or life is causing problems for you or those around you, get professional help.

What is happening in YOUR life is causing problems to LOADS of people in REAL LIFE - because you keep spreading lies and harmful stereotypes about mental illnesses that these people actually have.

 If it’s not, you’re probably ok, no matter what shape your fabric is or what tree, house, and person look like for you.

Which is not your case, not even by a mile.

The “Draw a Tree, a house, a person” test  is commonly used in México for work application tests. It’s considered an easy way to analyze how a given person’s mind works in order to decide if they can have a job with any given company.

There are also a TON of tutorials on line about how to cheat it, and how to get a job easily by drawing what the ‘tester’ wants to see, that includes things like ‘don’t draw the windows closed, don’t draw many branches on the tree, keep the person’s hands visible’ and things like that.

So yeah, it makes sense that a known conman would use it as an analogy.

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I am sad.

Was robbed today. Lost  my iphone  and 20 dlls :(

And It wasn’t even stolen by one of those dumbasses who keep the gps on.

deancasforever replied to your post “If I hear one more time that slash is only written by straight women,…”

Yeah I was reading that conversation on IMDb too and it didn’t make any sense to me either.

The worst part is how it’s such an heternormative atmosphere that ANY mention to homosexuality or bisexuality, EVEN from people who self identify as gay, is said as if it should be hidden or hushed and never explored.

When they told me to NAME bi, lesbian and trans fic authors I was really offended. What? Am I going to go on every single fic I read and ask the author how they identify? NO. But I’m not going to assume they’re straight just because.

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If I hear one more time that slash is only written by straight women, and it’s all porn, I’m going to scream.

I keep seeing posts that complain that the people who are complaining about queerbaiting are talking about DEAN as a bi person, and not as Sam as a bi person and that that somewhat makes the complains hypocritical and only about the pairing because Sam ‘has never said he’s straight’.

Two things: He has. In the first seasons? SAM was the one who got angry when people confused them for a couple. It was SAM the one who made the correction that no, they weren’t.

Second thing: If YOU read Sam as bi… WRITE meta about Sam being bi. Show us WHY you think Sam is bi. I’ve found very little of that meta, and while I personally don’t see it at all, I would love to see more alternative readings to his character.

Oh, and a third thing. Consider that not all of the people who read Dean as bisexual are Destiel shippers, or even shippers. And that most of them say that they read Dean as bi BASED ON their own experiences. That you read Sam as bi for any reason? Doesn’t erase the Dean is bi reading.

There’s no quota for how many bisexual people are in each family, I swear.


I’m not around much with all the RL things happening, but delwynmarch is doing a better job with the notorious interview than I could do anyway. Other long posts I want to make are going to have to wait. (Including a breakdown of Andy’s FAQ.)

In the meantime, I’ve seen this. Andy wants to…

Seriously, people, do not give money to this guy!!