every single time I call out hardcore Destiel shippers being the reason behind Jo and Ellen’s death, I lose followers

I AIN’T EVEN MAD. Don’t be dicks to the writers with your pathetic DEATH THREATS AND HATE MAIL and I’ll stop calling you out for your shit. Jo was…

Hm, in that case it appears I’ve been misinformed? I read about it a few times a while back and was shocked to see that fans had that power… Well, now I feel like a jackass…. my bad. I didn’t know Kripke always planned for their death. 

Don’t worry. The problem is that is a very old lie and very persistent because everybody repeats it without any real basis except that ‘everyone knows it happens’ and ‘well, I heard it happened’ to the point that no one even cares about the logic that is that Jo was disliked by fans (And Kirpke) from her very first appearance, that she hadn’t appeared for a whole season before Castiel came into the scene (Seriously, her only episode in season 4 is her death. How could the Destiel fandom become so against her to make a campaign to get her killed if she only came back to die?. Her one episode previous to that was in season 2, Born under a bad sign)  or that in those days? The only vocal shippers who grumbled against female characters were the wincest shippers (Not that the wincest shippers caused Jo to be killed. Or any other female character. It’s just that… they were the ones around back then and it was the only juggernaut ship)

(Also, please, don’t think that I’m saying that you have to like the ship or even the shippers. Just… don’t hate them for something they didn’t do.)


every single time I call out hardcore Destiel shippers being the reason behind Jo and Ellen’s death, I lose followers 

I AIN’T EVEN MAD. Don’t be dicks to the writers with your pathetic DEATH THREATS AND HATE MAIL and I’ll stop calling you out for your shit. Jo was supposed to be the female version of Dean and they were meant to be a couple. Then you guys got mad that your ship wasn’t fucking canon and ruined it for everyone.  

You are the reason they killed off some of the best strong female characters. (not all Destiel shippers are a part of the hate towards the writers and I acknowledge that). 

Except they weren’t? According to every account of the time, Kirkpe wanted to kill everyone from the Roadhouse from the moment the company forced him to add him and Jo was doomed to die more or less after her first episode because she was very badly received by the public, long, long before Castiel was even planned as a character, much less there was a Destiel fandom.  By the time both happened? Jo was already doomed.

Also, lets be logical. If Destiel fandom had the power to make the writers and producers kill characters left and right just because they don’t like them a) Sam’s love interests wouldn’t die, and b) Destiel would already be canon.

Anonymous asked: She demands people retagg stuff to keep their ships out of the stupid wINCEST tag. She's promoting a ship that's gross, and she writes horrible dark stuff. I used to follow her but serial killer shit? She needs to be kept in the crazy house where she belongs.


"She demands people retag[g] (yeah I’m an English major I can’t handle that shit) stuff to keep their ships out of the stupid wINCEST tag"

Oh no.  How horrible of her.  Who would have ever thought that the people in the Wincest tag don’t want to see other random ships, but only want to see…gasp…WINCEST?!?!?!?!?!?!  WHAT OMG MY MIND IS BLOWN?!?!?!?!?!

Tagging appropriately is fucking Tumblr etiquette.  If you can’t handle someone telling you to that you need to censor yourself on a public internet fandom site, then you probably shouldn’t be there to begin with.  It’s really only for the grown ups that don’t get their feelings hurt when someone doesn’t agree with them.

"She’s promoting a ship that’s gross"

I don’t like the ship either anon.  But people don’t have to like the same things.  Let me make things really overblown for you - instead of race in the Holocaust, let’s replace it with SPN ships.  You’d be one of the Nazis going “BUT OMG THEY SHIP WINCEST?!?!?!?!  THEY THINK IT’S OK AND THEY’RE DOING IT IN FRONT OF ME AND EVEN THOUGH THEIR LIFE DOESN’T AFFECT ME AT ALL I DON’T LIKE WHAT THEY LIKE?!  THEY SHOULD DIE BECAUSE THEY LIKE SOMETHING THAT I DON’T?!”  Does that sound particularly mature, sane, or logical to you?  If it does, I think we all know who the real person in this situation that needs to go to the crazy house, and it’s not Krissi.

"And she writes horrible dark stuff."

Wow.  I guess Stephen King needs to be thrown into the crazy house too huh?  Right along with Dean Koontz?  Alfred Hitchcock?  H.P. Lovecraft?  Mary Shelley?  Bram Stoker?

People write dark stuff anon.  Sorry to burst your bubble but some people are very interested in dark things.  Humanity can be dark.  If we ignore that darkness it becomes repressed and we end up with true horror when that repressed darkness decides to explode out.  That’s how serial killers are born.  How kids decide they want to kill themselves because their parents don’t want them to know all the “dark” things in the world like sex or rock and roll or other random things that are really NORMAL for humanity to feel.

Here’s my personal opinion about you right now anon - 

If you truly think that it’s justifiable for her to get an anonymous death threat, not just on her but on her significant other, and be personally insulted, all because of a FICTIONAL NOT-REAL relationship that she enjoys…

You are the one that belongs in the crazy house.  You’re the kind of person that justifies killing someone because “they deserved it” for transgressing against whatever weird problems you have with certain aspects of humanity.

Not to mention, of the people who ask about tagging correctly? She’s incredibly nice. I’ve never seen her trolling the tags, calling people fungus, or acting like if other ships are scum just for existing.

Hey, I don’t like the ship either, but Death threats are never ok.

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Anonymous asked: When will you update your fanfiction on the mark of cain?

I’m working on it. Unfortunately, I’m a bit blocked with my RL work and a couple of metas. But I hope the next part is done before April is over.

It seems that we’re back to double standards theater again.

Just looking at the wank for ts tag where people are complaining over and over on how unlikeable and unforgivable Dean is, for accepting the Mark to do something as ‘selfish’ as killing a demon who ‘just killed the grandfather he knew for a day or two’, unlike Sam, who started drinking demon blood because he wanted to help people.


And I still have a couple of recaps to write.

Anonymous asked: Just....just leave the fandom. You're not wanted here anymore. Go.

Oh, my, dear Fandom Police! I missed you so much!

Nope, sorry. Not going anywhere.  I like it here.

Remember: NO ONE has the right to tell someone to ‘get out’ of the fandom. We’re not a secret society with a secret handshake.

Unless of course, you’re wanting to take the place of the original Fandom Police Academy, because I know you’re not her. She had more imagination… and the guts needed to sign up with her name.

"Souless!Sam didn’t deserve to be "murdered". "


Souless!Sam, who uses babies as bait, who cares nothing about anyone except himself, who let his brother be turned into a vampire, and later didn’t care that his brother was kidnapped and raped? Who caused Dean to fear from his life to the point of not wanting to sleep, who left civilians to die just because it was convenient for him and who tried to kill Bobby -and frankly didn’t give a crap about anyone’s life but his own?

THAT Souless!Sam?

And the solution to Real!Sam being in hell is ‘just ask your buddy Cas who is in charge of heaven to take his soul to heaven’. In the middle of a civil war?! When Castiel is NOT in charge of heaven? And when the deal had to be done with DEATH?


I mean, I hope that is sarcasm, because if not? Sam!Stans have reached a new low.

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#wank for ts


I’m pretty tired of people who accuse each other of apologizing abuse on Supernatural.

So far I have seen accusations of “Dean-Apologist”, “Sam-Apologist” and “Castiel-Apologist”, and everyone seems to have the same intent: this character is innocent and wronged, and this character is bad and…

This! So much THIS. Interpretations aside? The show has never once said that anyone, With the exception of that one family with the feral kids, is abusive. Claiming otherwise is the problem.

Anonymous asked: you know, if sam!stans are going to condemn dean for abusing sam's body in you can't handle the truth then they should condemn sam for abusing the body of the dead girl ruby possessed. she didn't consent for sam to have sex with her body. there's a reason organ donors give consent while they're alive and wills always mention the person's wishes for their body after they're gone.

That is an excellent point, dear anon, an yet another example of selective reading and double standard when it comes to Sam. Because apparently, the idea is that Ruby/Sam is a.ok because the girl was braindead, and thus outside her body. Except that now, outside her body means absolutely nothing. Another example of how the advance of the seasons and the fans make Sam look worse.

juppschmitz: the joke Jared made was that the I was in the wrong place, and should be Destiel. Not so much about the turkey, but just the name of the brand. Which was why Misha asked him if he shipped it just as he did (by sending a sausage if the same brand on the mail to Jensen, thus “shipping” it).

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#wank for ts

I see that “but Sam is just like a battered woman” meta and I sigh.

I mean, there are so many things wrong with it in the analysis level, but all of that pales to the simple fact that it’s someone taking the experiences of real women, real victims of domestic abuse, and trying to minimize them to explain the fictional pain of a character who is not a woman, not a minority, and while within the context of the story we are to see him as not as privileged as most of the 20-something, heterosexual white men in the USA… he’s pretty privileged even in contrast with other characters of the same series.  And that’s where I get the short circuit.

Because who in their right mind tries to appropriate the real suffering of real people just to claim that their favorite is the biggest woobie that has ever woobied?




Shout out to Carlos Benavides, the coffee guy for the animators of Disney’s Frozen

You go, Carlos.

fan base for carlos

I have friends who work in animation. I am pretty sure that the Coffee guy is the most important person in the office. You go, Mr. Benavides!




Shout out to Carlos Benavides, the coffee guy for the animators of Disney’s Frozen

You go, Carlos.

fan base for carlos

I have friends who work in animation. I am pretty sure that the Coffee guy is the most important person in the office.

You go, Mr. Benavides!

wicked-nursery-rhymes asked: My pet peeve at the moment is when the stans talk about Sam's agency being taken away, with nary a mention of Jessica and Amelia. The instance with Jess I could sort of forgive but with Am. the situation is inexcusable after everything Sam has seen. What about Am.'s choice to not enter a relationship that could be potentially dangerous to her? Sam kept Jess and Am. deliberately in the dark with no intention of allowing them to make an informed decision about their health (potential death).

Oh, the situation with Jess can’t really be excused. I’m going to touch that in the hindsight review -and it’s actually one of the reasons why I decided to do the hindsight review, to be honest- but the thing is that with Jess? It was not a theory that ‘some things’ could come after her. HE knew. For WEEKS, that something was going to come after her.  Had the same dream, over, and over, to the point that maybe saying ‘hey, Jess? I come from a very superstitious family. Would you mind covering the windows and doors with a salt line while I’m away? Just to make me feel better?’ Would’ve been welcomed.

With that alone? Sam losses a lot of sympathy. Which explains why we don’t learn about the visions until Bloody Mary, when hopefully, we already have built enough sympathy so that the little fact that he left Jess to die? Is forgotten.

As it was.

Ok, this rewatch thing? Is getting bigger and bigger everytime as I go back to check new info (Seriously, I’ve watched the pilot 10 times so far, and  that’s just to count the lies and agency problems that the writers got themselves into, and how every new piece of information changes every little thing..)

So, while I keep doing this for Sam’s speeches (And the lies count, and the violence count,  and the ‘how do we find out about the lies thing?) I’m doing a new series of articles. Period.

So join me for the “Supernatural with Hindsight” review, which hopefully will be faster than the first view one. I’ll tag it as #Supernatural hindsight, in case you don’t want to read it.

And I’ll try my best to be objective to all characters, although I apologize if at some point, I can’t. 

(And yes, I said ‘all’. Because another character who got incredibly twisted by the advancing episodes? Was John. So let’s see how John’s actions look with the knowledge of the 190 episodes that followed the pilot)

Also, for those who read the ‘First view recaps’, Mother’s Little Helper and Meta Fiction are coming. Just need to finish a pin up for SDCC…

And, oh, hey… since gaslighting is withholding or presenting false information with the intent of making the victim doubt their memories, perceptions and sanity…

What do we call the 4+ months in which Dean insisted to everyone around him that there was something horribly wrong with Sam, to the point he was afraid for his own safety by sleeping in the same hotel room as Sam, where he was sure he saw his brother SMILE as a vampire turned him, and everyone (Sam, Bobby, Castiel) kept insisting that he was wrong, he saw things wrong, he remembered things wrong, and there was nothing wrong with Sam?

Oh, but they don’t count. Sam said ‘I’m sorry for the things I don’t remember’ and the slate was cleaned.