So Joe helps Chris and the kids out the whole time, helps them escape on multiple occasions, and then even punches a guy who could kill him just so they can get away; but the white college boy (I don’t know his name) gives Chris $50 and a ride and then returns a skate at the end of the movie, and HES THE ONE who gets the girl??????

OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. Joe’s character and place in the movie is far superior but since he’s a black guy who steals cars for a living, he can’t win over a white rich college boy. OKAY. OKAY.

I thought it was because Joe is older than random College guy.
But hey, now that you mention it… Joe and Chris would have made a great couple…

Seriously considering offering a sneak peek to the next Secret Weapon installment. It’s been a slow writing thing, but it IS coming, I swear.

goyour-own-way asked: I was really struck by that scene in Bloody Mary when Sam takes the money Dean earned, because not long ago, Dean "controlling" Sam's money in the first episode with the Trickster (refusing to return the money and the money clip after the Impala's tires were deflated) was pointed out by extreme Sam!girls to be more proof of Dean's abuse. Yet, when Sam did it... not a peep.

It’s a very interesting thing, and I was not going to mention it until I got to Tall Tales, but since you mentioned… sneak peek.

We never see Sam earn money when he’s with Dean.

Sure, we see him do it when he’s alone (playing pool when Dean was dead,  being a bartender when he’s alone, then a handyman when Dean is in Purgatory) but when the brothers are together? The one who hustles at pool and keeps the credit cards current? Is Dean.

Not only that, but we see that Sam OPENLY DISAGREES with those methods, without offering  an option to them. And Dean never tells him that he has to do something to help. 

Obviously, in narrative terms, this is again because for Kirkpe and co. Dean is the sidekick, the one who gets to deal with those not so heroic parts of the hunting life. But In universe? What we get to see is that Sam is pretty happy to let Dean earn the money that Sam is later going to spend. The money in Sam’s wallet? is Money that Dean earned. It’s money that Dean gave Sam, so Sam could have his own money in case of an emergency or whatever, but still? It’s Dean’s work. That Sam doesn’t appreciate and even overspends.

(And one wonders, who pays for Sam’s new laptops every year, when before Dean seemed happy to research in libraries)

And it’s obviously NOT a case of Dean not letting Sam work, because we see that Sam is free to do whatever he wants while Dean is hustling pool (the Benders), and Sam chooses… not to work. Not to earn his own money.

No. Sam is perfectly happy making Dean work, because, in his eyes? It’s not ‘real work’. (And I’m sorry, as I said, that means that the Money that Dean used to buy new tires for Baby? NOT SAM’s money. So he was not controlling Sam’s money, he was getting back his OWN money for something that was not a luxury, but something that was IMPORTANT for their  household)

Which of course goes to show that no, Sam doesn’t respect his brother, and has never respected him, and this goes way, way back, BEFORE Dean did anything to incur on Sam’s wrath.

The Great Supernatural Rewatch - Bloody Mary

See?  When Real Life doesn’t interfere, I get to do these faster (Thank my students, they didn’t show for class so I had time to do this). No extra comments on this, just straight to the analysis.

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This is all. People have the right to ship whatever they want and like whoever they want. Sending hate only perpetuates the notion that fandom is a toxic place, and it shouldn’t be tolerated regardless of what favorite character, pairing, or actor the hater has.

Don’t send hate, anonymous or otherwise. Period.

berettasalts, you and I don’t see eye to eye in a lot of things, but in this? you’re absolutely, 100% right.

The Great Supernatural Rewatch - Phantom Traveler


Ok. Back on the saddle.

First of all, thanks to all of you who told me that Dean’s mutism comes from John’s diary. That makes it secondary canon, not primary canon, but it’s good to know where it comes from.  (To be clear, I divide canon as such:  Primary canon is the show. Just as we see it. No deleted scenes, no different takes.  ONLY the show. Secondary canon are the deleted scenes, the tie-in materials, such as the Journal and the comics that are not specifically named as not canon by TPTB. Tertiary canon are the cast interviews and DVD commentaries. Just in case anyone is wondering what I take as canon and what I ignore)

Also, by general vote in my inbox, I’ll start counting Arc episodes vs. Filler episodes as they were dedicated to what brother. So far we have the Pilot, an arc episode dedicated to Sam mostly, Wendigo, an arc episode that is not focused in either brother, and  Dead in the Water, a filler episode dedicated to Dean.  On this episode I’m also adding another counter (yeah, I know. Crunching numbers at the end of the season will not be fun)  which is the Dean dropped plotlines vs. the Sam dropped plotlines. Given that this is a rewatch, we all know when certain plotpoints are never touched again, so… yeah, we can do that. At least until season 8.

That said, let’s start with Phantom Traveler.

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There’s a bit of  a wank going on since some people dislike that other people think Sam doesn’t respect Dean -and used a the Purge screencap to prove it.

they claim that Sam respects Dean and thus, it’s an attack on Sam to use that particular screencap.

Before my rewatch? I’d have agreed. While there’s no respect -or love- in Sam’s words during the Purge (I have talked at length about the difference between being honest and being cruel, and being angry, even rightfully angry, doesn’t give anyone the right to be cruel, especially not to an openly suicidal person) I used to believe that at one point? Sam respected his brother.

Except that… rewatching the series? I am not seeing that respect. I see the love, yes, Sam loves his brother in the way we all love our family even if they make us want to scream, and I even see a bit of admiration from time to time. Even wonder -as I mentioned in Dead in Water, Sam is amazed that Dean went 22 years without mentioning to anyone ‘oh hey, by the way, I saw my mom being burnt while pinned to the ceiling of the house’- but… respect? Not so much.

As I’m rewatching Phantom Traveler, and I see Sam openly mocking Dean’s EMP reader, as I see him making fun of Dean’s phobia… I don’t see that respect.

But then I remember, that a lot of people don’t understand that it’s possible to love someone, and not respect them at all.

I haven’t posted like.. five or so of the “first impression” reviews for season 9. I have them done, but I haven’t done the screencaps . And I was so underwhelmed by those episodes, that I’m really not in the mood to get screencaps :(

About NPD: A Tiny Example Of “Rewriting History”


So Andy first posted this: (trigger warning: dead baby)


Then apparently he got people angry at him for it, so he posted this:


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I usually don’t comment on Andy’s shenanigans since there are a lot of people who are far better than me in showing what a piece of shit he is. However, in this there’s a point no one is making so…

If I had been his teacher? The poster would’ve been rejected not because it’s badly done propaganda, or because it’s not what the class required (As I can assume from what he says the teacher said, both here and in the latter post about ‘fixing’ things with the teacher, but because it’s blatant plagiarism.

Just see the poster from where he admits he took the baby’s photo:


and compare it to his “homework”


He basically took the exact same poster, the same composition and claimed it as his own (While missing important parts of both what makes propaganda convincing and marketing viable)

So… yeah, he didn’t trace it or claimed it was his own drawing, but, as claiming it as his work, he’s still plagiarizing someone else’s composition, i.e., someone else’s design.

Anonymous asked: So when I type in Wank for TS in the search bar your blog and a bunch of other destiel blogs headline the top. Is that because you guys use the 'wank for ts' all the time? I don't hang out on the tag that often but is tumblr recommending your blog because of wank? It's just I would have thought TW blogs would be more represented than destiel blogs but I guess not.

A lot of Destiel meta writers use the wank for TS tag every singe time we talk about anything regarding Dean, Castiel, the Supernatural fandom or our opinions of the show because experience has taught us that no matter how innocuous the statement is (i.e. “I really hope Dean and Cas have more scenes together in season 10”), the fandom police academy crew will come and make the post wanky. So we just use it to warn our followers that yes, it’s a post that might end up with someone answering just to call us names. For a lot of bloggers, it’s more a “unpopular opinions that will end up making someone angry” than actual wank. Personally, I find more interesting meta in “wank for TS” than in “Supernatural meta”, for example.

And Tumblr doesnt’ “recommend” as much as lists a number of blogs that use the tag constantly. I know because I’ve gotten recommendations for heavy Wincest shippers blogs not because they’re good blogs (or blogs I’d be interested into) but because around when 9x11 to 9x13 where airing, they used the Wank for TS tag more than other posters.

The Great Supernatural Rewatch - Dead in the Water

First of all, sorry for the delay. RL got in the way in the worst way possible (But hey, I started watching  Supernatural as I needed to finish a graphic novel, it was just obvious that Id’ have to finish a second one when I started this) Rest assured, I AM going to finish it. It’s just… it takes a long time since each episode requires at least four viewings for this to work.

Last time I mentioned how we were starting to see how Kirpke early plan was easy to see , in particular with Sam and his Roaring Road trip of Revenge, and how Dean was not really planned outside ‘Sam needs a sidekick and I need to sell this to the network’. Continuing that line, this episode? Is where we start to see Dean grow as a character in a direction that is a complete opposite of the ‘horndog who cares only for himself’ image that Sam’s dialogue and the narrative keep trying to push.

It also contradicts the Pilot with one teensy detail, that while was later forgotten by writers, seems to be a pivotal part of Jensen’s performance as Dean, and something that Fandom runs with at all times.

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Anonymous asked: It doesn't have to have a romantic element to it at all. Honestly, even as someone who thinks Dean is bisexual, I think using the Siren as part of the reasoning for that is flawed for this exact reason - the siren just needs to make you devoted to it, and sexual attraction/fantasy fulfilment is usually the fastest way to do that with young men. If anything, it speaks to the misogyny of the show, that Dean's character was written as such that a female form couldn't have got that from him, maybe.

One of the reasons why I personally feel so invested in the Siren (As to keep the folder of theories) is precisely that point you mention about the writers mysoginy.

First problem is, the Siren as a myth is usually considered a lust myth. Sirens and Mermaids attract sailors through their attractive figures. And so, the episode begins with the Siren and her victim having sex. Not planning to marry.

They did that, of course, to set up the red herring of the doctor that goes for Sam. but as you say, that doesn’t mean Dean couldn’t have gotten a girl too. An FBI female agent. A woman that reminded him of possibly the ONLY person that gets more devotion than Sam : Mary. 

Or, you know, not having the Siren’s base of operations being a damn stripper club. That would’ve worked too to make the “Sirens = Lust” part of the equation

Anonymous asked: I never understand why the siren is so difficult to understand. The siren needs its prey to love it unconditionally, all-consumingly, to the point where they will murder for it. For most people, that's a romantic love. For Dean - for whatever reason, codependency or childhood or emotional constipation or whatever, and especially in S4 - the fastest and surest way to reach that level of devotion is to slip into Sam's spot in his life, especially when his relationship with Sam himself is so rocky.

Bingo, Anon.

It’s not about SAM, it’s about Sam’s SPOT. The Siren wants unconditional devotion, and that’s what it gets if he’s Sam. Hell, I’d say that the fastest way would’ve been to show up as a KID Sam, but that’s me.

Problem is, the writers made a huge deal of the sexual side of the Siren (to keep their lackluster red herring) and so… we have arguments about it.

AS an addendum to the whole “But Jimmy is being raped by the horrible Destielers” thing.

Another usual complain is that Jimmy would never agree to have his body used like that since he’s a devout Christian.


a) There are gay Christians. Who are devout even.

b) There are bisexual Christians too.

c) There are Christians who don’t think that being gay is wrong, and thus, even when they’re straight? They don’t hate gay or bisexual people.

d) I fail to see how he’d be happier that his body is being used to commit mass murderer (As it would have, in the Samaheim episode), or, you know, heterosexual sex (Since, if we consider that HE = his body… he’s kinda married. And adultery is still a sin)  than about Castiel kissing Dean. Or any other man.

e) In universe, Jimmy has first hand knowledge that God doesn’t care about sexual preference. Since, you know, he’s chained to an angel that stated that CLEARLY.

And in any case, seriously, stop pretending it’s about Jimmy. It never is about poor Jimmy.

Anonymous asked: Haha yeah, because to Dean it's exactly the same whether in that little brother role it's Sam or anyone else. It's not like he seeks in other people what he'd want AND need from Sam, right? :D You're so funny, grasping at every straw to try and convince everyone of the interpretation that you deliberately decided must be the only right one because it's the one that you like better. Thanks for the entertainment :)))

Well, he called Benny brother, so yeah, when we’re talking about “brothers in arms” it doesn’t have to be Sam. 

And during season 4? HE hadn’t started to look  in other people what he’d NEED (Seriously, if you are going to argue dialogue from the series, don’t add words to it. It makes it look as if you have no arguments) from Sam, he only started doing that AFTER Sam tried to choke him to dead, a few episodes later.

Also, for the record? This is not my personal favorite interpretation of the Siren mess. I have stated before that I have a folder full of interpretations and theories of the Siren mess. This one? Just happens to be the one that follows the TEXT closely and doesn’t hinge on subtextual readings (I.e. assuming, as you’re doing, that by Need, the siren meant Want)

My personal favorite is completely subtextual, and to this day I don’t know why most pro-Wincest fans don’t like it. It’s the simple: The Siren (a sexual being)  took a male shape because Dean is bisexual, and his words to Sam in that scene were to make Sam angry (we later find out in season 8 how much Sam hates it when Dean finds other Brothers in arms) to get close enough to put Sam in his thrall.  The problem for them, I think, it’s that it goes into the dreaded “Dean is canonically bisexual” theory territory and thus, opens the possibility to support EVERY SINGLE Dean/Other male ship, including Destiel AND Wincest.

But that’s not the point here. the point is that the TEXT makes it clear, that no, the Siren is not SPECIFICALLY AND ONLY Sam Winchester.

IF the writers had wanted to make the Siren be literally Sam? They could have. In fact, it would’ve been a great episode, without a red herring until we got to see “Sam” in the strip club while we knew that Sam was sleeping with the doctor. Have Dean happy that suddenly Sam is again, the brother he trusts implicitly, instead of the one who sneaks around with Ruby.  But instead, they went with the brother-in-arms angle, which makes it clear that no, it’s not textually Sam.