Hammer of the Gods

Why, writers of Supernatural in 2010… WHY?

This was the ‘let’s break everyone’s hearts’ season, wasn’t it?

Sniff. I’m running out of favorite characters who are not Dean.

Thing One: Speaking about Dean, I was horribly afraid that now that the angels have Michael safely stored in Adam -they haven’t said so, but I have no reason to believe that isn’t the case. If anything else, because there wasn’t a Zacariah replacement to come and harass Dean again- his importance to the other characters would’ve diminished. But it seems that either it’s not widely known that Michael found a vessel, or people still think that the OTVessel is better than the Plan B vessel for the final fight. However, that’s not the best part of Dean’s characterization in this episode. First, it’s obvious that Dean is a good, if not great strategist. For all he said at the beginning of the season that he didn’t see how they could fight Lucifer, he keeps coming up with good plans given the information he has. Last episode, he managed to make sure that his family would’ve safe AND that the angel that he hates the most was killed -ok, so he killed him himself, but originally? It was the deal he wanted- and now he managed to convince a whole bunch of pagan gods to actually let their food go. Second, if we’re keeping count, Gabriel is the second angel who jumps off the ‘let’s do the apocalypse conga’ line because of what Dean told him (I’m not counting Anna, as Anna fell before meeting Dean). I mean, I’m starting to think that that could’ve been an easier solution. Let Dean hang with Michael and Lucifer for a couple of weeks. Hell, send Dean to the Angel’s Heaven for a month, and that’s it. Angels will understand the coolness of mankind through the love of pie.  And Dean (I still want to know what the Angels were saying about Dean to make Anna look as is she was going to faint when she met Dean for the first time).  So yeah, for all the things that I have seen that Gabriel is more often than not paired with Sam in the sense that Sam had more interaction with Gabriel… the truth is that it was Dean who made him think that mankind was worth saving. So now I wish we had more time to see why Dean’s words affected Gabriel so much, and seen Gabriel interact with Dean more.

Thing Two: Oh, Sam. Your strengths really lie on the research front, because as far as plans go… you’re much better following your brother’s cues. And in this episode? you were pretty bait and that’s it. Sam basically does nothing here except berate Dean, complain that they’re screwed and… run. Where Dean is all defiance, Sam is all for survival. Which is not wrong, I mean, survival is all good but in this, Sam acts more like a supportive character than the main one who is still on the race to save the world.

Thing Three: Gabriel, sniff. Oh, dear. He has been one of my favorites since way before the angel plot was revealed and I just can’t believe he’s gone just like that. I mean, yes, cool last stand and all but, I don’t think he needed to die just to prove how powerful Lucifer is (Or how stupid the Pagan gods were). As it was, it seemed to me that he was killed specifically so the guys wouldn’t have any other celestial allies except for Castiel, which is not bad but it’s a very lazy plot solution. Why not keep him powerless, or unable to really commit? Or hey, since he CAN’T beat Lucifer, just let him keep helping the guys. At the very least, keep him around so he can heal Bobby and then, I don’t know, put him in evacuation duty. Finally, one of his lines is a horrible plot hole. He says that he didn’t give Kali his real sword because ‘that thing can kill him’. No, it can’t. Not in Kali’s hands because Kali is not an angel.  Unless now the rule is that those things can kill angels no matter who holds them, but I went back and checked, and no human (except Dean, big exception) has been able to kill an angel even with an angel sword -Sam tried to kill Zacariah with one but failed, don’t know if it was because Sam is not an angel or because the wound wasn’t fatal- so… why would Kali think she could kill Gabriel with it? And Gabriel should know better, that she couldn’t kill him with it.

Thing Four: The Pagan Gods were idiots. I mean, I’ve never been a fan of how Supernatural deals with non judeo christian myths, and this episode shows exactly why. First, not all gods demanded human sacrifice, so to portray them all as crazy maneaters is a little judeo-christian-centric. And it smacks of bad research. Second, not all gods hated mankind. Third… to put them all under the judeochristian god in power makes me believe that they’re not actually gods, but more like high ranking demons or something  since they all follow the exact same behavioral rules.

Thing Five: No matter what apocalypse you’re following, if Baldur dies, you’re in deep shit. (Also, Baldur would’ve one of those gods who wouldn’t eat human beings.)

Thing Six: Another thing about the gods… they’re incredibly powerless. I get that they couldn’t get Lucifer one on one, but they were six. And Lucifer just mowed them as nothing. Seriously, how could Kali think that they had a chance? maybe with a different strategy, and not having Mercury betraying them but still… All in all, it made for a weak plot, and a weak episode, which made Gabriel’s death even more pointless. The only advance we now know what to do with the Horsemen rings and a viable plan to stop Lucifer, and we certainly didn’t need Gabriel to die for this.

So, yeah. I do hope that the Winchester and Castiel’s revolving death door works for Gabriel (And Jo, and Ellen, and even Ash, because even if he looked happy in heaven, I miss him).

Also… why the title? I was at least expecting Mnjonlir!

Next:  The Devil you know. So I’m hoping we’ll see Pestilence instead of another Lucifer’s heavy episode (As I’m afraid that if Lucifer gets more screentime, it will be because Sam will say yes)

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